Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Computer Vision and Machine Learning from the Stanford AI course (2011) - UDACITY - Sebastian Thrun lectures on Self-Driving Cars and Search Engines

I recommend checking those out, not bad quick intro to Computer Vision and links to leading research and technology, also some directions about sensory data procesing, Machine Learning and Self-Driving Cars (referred as Robotics there). NLP part is decent intro either, but for more technical intro, see another course, cited in my recent post.

I suggest the Computer Vision and Robotics sections at:  for quick amusing visual intro.

Sebastian Thrun is very funny, he was the leader of Stanford self-driving car team from the DARPA Grand Challenge and DARPA Urban Challenge, then the self-driving car at Google, which is pretty impressive.

Thrun has started other courses on a dedicated site, away from Stanford:, starting with Search Engines and Self-Driving cars.

- Building a Search Engine
Learn key concepts in computer science and build a search engine like google!
- Programming A Robotic Car

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