Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Richard Feynman - a Great Person, Physicist and a Born to be an Actor and Comedian. Talks Worth Listening To. In Memoriam

I recommend all of his talks for inspiration and fun. He's a hybrid of an ingenious physicist and a very talented actor and comedian - reminds me of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino; it's something about their common New York accent.

Richard Feynman, the Nobel, 'It's a pain in the neck.'

Richard Feynman - The Character of Physical Law - Part 7 Seeking New Laws (full version)

Feynman on Scientific Method. (Related closely to General Intelligence principles in AGI)

Richard Feynman - The Distinction of Past and Future.

BTW, a POV to irreversability of mine -- it's because of the bad communication between particles. The smallest particles/details, whatever their nature is, are correlated too much and are harder to be controlled by an external structure than to do what's already "encoded". It's hard to cause an action without causing by-effects which are uncontrollable or undesirable, but also unavoidable - that's related to the "quantum uncertainty".

The smallest particles are what drives causation, and they are supposed to have the smallest equivalents of computing power and memory compared to bigger particles; that's why their "behavior" is the simplest, have the shortest scope and seems "chaotic".

Feynman 'Fun to Imagine' 1: Jiggling Atoms

... All of the series ...

Feynman 'Fun to Imagine' 4: Magnets (and 'Why?' questions...)

Richard Feynman - The Character of Physical Law - Part 6 Probability and Uncertainty (full version)

Thanks to Alexander for sharing a link to some of Feynman's talks.