Saturday, October 22, 2011

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News - To Open - Discussion Forum of the Independent Scalable Artificial General Intelligence Society

Recently I realized how the conservative culture in Academia has emerged - somebody got pissed off of bullshit in open discussions with no moderation, bad selection and low standard for the participants in the discussions. Unfortunately this shit happens on a regular basis in the AGIRI AGI list. Some people has noticed it, but they have given up to do anything about it.

Sorry! My solution is a moderated forum with higher standards and requirements, starting with invitations to participants.

Technically the forum is already created, but it's still hidden and under-construction/testing. Participants will be invited to join a bit later.
Update, 28/10/2011: The forum has opened for participants (Alpha Version)

Update: It doesn't work anymore. May be reopened in the future. It seems that some DNS were hacked and point to a forum that doesn't have anything to do with thinking machines... :))

Regarding the Independent Scalable Artificial General Intelligence Society:

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