Monday, July 25, 2011

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Punk Researchers - "Love's No Friend of Mine", or "Give it to me!" - Hard Rock - Punk Musical, starring Todor

Български, с повече инфо.

"Give it to me!", or "Love's no Friend of Mine" - hard rock & punk musical, with music by Todor "Tosh/Twenkid" Arnaudov(*see below) and the great Bulgarian punk band "Kontrol". Starring Tosh and Anya Chuleva, directed by Tosh. *Played, arranged and partially created - parts from a jam session starting from Rainbow's "Love's no Friend" theme, transitions and progressions on guitar, bass and keyboard; rhythm fillings; a "Van Halen"'s cover, Kontrol's song improvised cover solo, some Offsrping's riffs, and film music arrangement of a transition between themes.

Edited and composited with Twenkid FX Studio (prototype).

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