Friday, June 17, 2011

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Teenage Theory of Universe and Mind, Original Works and Slides in English

Well, I did the essential translation to English of that part of my old "capital works" an year ago, but gave up publishing it back then. In the mean time I prepared/translated a lecture for my second AGI course, which is more "disciplined" in structure than the raw writings.

Todor Arnaudov's [Teenage] Theory of Universe and Mind, 2001-2004

- Original work, Part 3
- Original work, Part 4
- Lecture Slides

In the context of my teenage theory I'd suggest you checking out Valentin Turchin's view in his book "The Phenomenon of Science" (it's online) - especially his theory of hierarchies and Meta-System Transition, and in general, the book is a very good read.

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