Friday, December 24, 2010

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Santa Claus does Exist - Grow-Down! Or Why Kids are Smarter than the Adults

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First of all kids love role playing games and they can pretend being a doctor, a mother, a race car driver, a soldier or anything else - because they do have imagination, unlike most of the boring adults.

Santa obviously does exist - it means a man, wearing a funny red coat, usually artificial white beard (you can touch it and pull it down - it really goes down), boots, and usually he poses for a picture around a sack of toys that he gives away to the children who're sitting around him. Santa also appears on funny advertisings... Usually he starts to appear in the winter - it gets cold and your parents tell you to button your jacket, put your little gloves and... Stop eating that icy snow!

Your mummy and the teachers in the kindergarten tell you that you should send him a letter to get the presents you want, and since you cannot write yet (even though you know part of the alphabet or can read), you just tell them and leave to them to send the letter. If you were a good boy or a good girl, Santa will come to your home while you're asleep and will bring the gifts to you.


Santa does actually bring you gifts every Christmas. It doesn't matter whether he's invisible or very fast or he just knows your parents, so they unlock the door when you're asleep so he can come in. Somehow he does his job, and often the presents are just what you want... Of course you know from experience, that if you wish too big presents, he couldn't bring them, because they can't pass through the chimney or the door, or you just can't be such a good child throughout the whole year - after all it's more fun to do crazy stuff all the time than just getting a single present for Christmas, right?!

The force that brings the presents is probably "Santa Claus" and it is only the adults who are concerned how it really happens, while the answer is so simple: - some kind of a magic or something...

All those stories of the adults that Santa lives on the North Pole, his sledge flies pulled by deer is made up by their bad imagination... Adults are always searching for something extraterrestrial or scientific - all that mania about UFO and aliens.

Santa Claus is not an alien. He's not a single one either. There are many Santa Clauses! And not all of them are old like the adults say - some seem even younger than your parents, that's why they have artificial white beard and artificial white hair - in order to make the adults believe, and the adults doesn't even notice it's artificial - they are silly...

Anyway... I think all Santas are absolutely real - you can touch them yourself, can't you?


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