Monday, November 29, 2010

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Researcher's Handbook - Research Methods Knowledge Base, Developmental Psychology, Classics in Psychology | Изследователски методи, Псх. на развитието

Research Methods Knowledge Base - suggested reading for any researcher, especially beginners. - various resources and links to other resources on Developmental Psychology and not only.

Classics in the History of Psychology - old texts, some funny such as:

Darwin, Charles. (1877). A biographical sketch of an infant. Mind, 2, 285-294.
Watson, John B. (1907). Studying the mind of animals. The World Today, 12, 421-426. [A rare, early, popular statement of functionalism by the "founder" of behaviourism.]

Well, there are too much.

Generally, if you're searching for the construction of the mind, my suggestion is watching children developing chronologically from the beginning, the more raw data you get - the better. Too much papers may rather waste too much of your time and confuse you. Read abstracts and select wisely which articles to read thoroughly. This will give you wider scope.

Child Development Journal

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