Sunday, October 17, 2010


Arthur Schopenhauer - World as Will and Idea (Representation) and Theories of Intellience, Mind, AGI, Artificial General Intelligence

I first read one of the books of the philosopher Schopenhauer during the period of my Teenage Theory of Mind and Universe*. I noticed it reminded me of my concepts, so it seemed meaningful. :)

I think his philosophy is related to the context of AGI, he has even tried to apply neuroscience, as far as first half of XIX century has allowed. There is a free copy of his major book at

A lot of Schopenhauer's essays can be found as well.

In my opinion, he shares some ideas that Boris has developed further.

(Translation - mine, from Bulgarian, some attributes missed)

"...practical person applies his intelligence according to its purpose predetermined by nature - to comprehend the relations between things, partially one to another and partially compared to the will of the individual who cognizes. On the other hand the genius uses his intelligence against its purpose - to understand the objective nature of things. Because of the advanced cognitive capability the genius cognizes to a higher extent the generality in things, rather than the individual, while serving to Will mostly requires cognition of the individual ("specifics")." --- Specialists vs Generalists

"(...) All of the great theoretical discoveries of any kind are achieved because their author directed all of his spiritual power towards one single point, where he links and concentrates the power to extent where this point occupies his entire reality and the rest of the world disappears for him." -- Detachment and Focus

Etc., a lot could be cited. I haven't read all yet, only beginnings and parts - couldn't afford the time lately, but I'll try/

* "Teenage Theory of Mind and Universe" - significant parts of it are available in English already, but not published yet.

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Alex Kamburov said...

Thanks for sharing :)

This "Detachment and Focus" is what "Generalists" would practice more frequently than "Specialists". I guess some people have a gift or learned to do it often and some are constrained. Having broader knowledge usually makes you better and better in being a "Generalist".

Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov - Twenkid said...

You're welcome. :)

>This "Detachment and Focus" is
>what "Generalists" would practice
>more frequently than "Specialists"

I'm not sure about that - detachment and focus are useful for any kind of reflection, but more specific problems need more narrow and specific focus. However narrow focus is required also for generalization, you have to be able to squeeze the scope.

>Having broader knowledge usually
>makes you better and better in
>being a "Generalist".

Yes, having more diverse patterns in your mind makes generality and repetitions within them more obvious, but while you're getting broader knowledge you may distract.