Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Twenkid FX - Video Editing/Compositing/Visual Effects Progress (News)

It's not ready for public release, the GUI is rough and yet there are too many experimental features.

Some of the interesting features include:

- Non-Linear Editing - cut and rearrangement of video segments
- Generation of cut and append jobs for VirtualDub based on the editions in Twenkid FX
- Animated titles with Outlines, Zoom, Sweeping and other transition effects
- Chroma key blending tests ("Green Screen") 
- Blending full frames (two frames together)
- Matte painting tests (combining videos at selected regions using masks)
- Crop-Paste/Video in video - selection of regions from one video and rendering on the target video, either same size or scaled, keeping the aspect
- Split Screen
- Various Fade-In/Out transitions
- Scroll and Squeeze Screen transitions
- Reverse Playback
- Speed-up/Slow-down
- Insert Images (full-screen)
- Save Still-Frames


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