Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Theory of Intelligence, NLE Video Editor and Visual Effects, Acting and Filmmaking, AGI, Intelligent Dictionary

Some News

Artificial General Intelligence

- I won the first Boris Kazachenko's prize in AGI! Knol

- The time for the new version theory of mind has come. Recently I've been translating in English my Teenage Theory of Mind and Universe" (2001-2004).  The new "Twenkid Theory of Mind and Universe" is trying to turn philosophy and ideas into a formal implementable theory and eventually prototypes.

Video Editing/NLE (non-linear editing)/Visual Effects

This project - Twenkid FX - was frozen for 2 months, lately I'm trying to spend a little time on it again - I need the software for my movies. It's still limited, but now has some really practical features such as doing complete NLE editing (cut) and using its interface to generate scripted jobs for VirtualDub, turning it into a non-linear editor.

It's too early to share it for other users, though. Stay tuned for news.

Acting and Filmmaking - Stoichko Hristov and Johny Johnson

Stoichko Hristov 2 - Coaches and Players

Check my Multimedia/Twenkid Studio blog:

EEVA2010 - You are fired! from Todor Arnaudov on Vimeo.

Smarty - maybe the most Advanced English-Bulgarian dictionary ever made

It was a 2007 prototype, but it's still the most advanced, I think. It's not AGI, but might be "reborn", could be useful tool and an ad-ware.

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