Thursday, March 19, 2009


"The Wedding" (short film, comedy) - trailer with subtitles

Trailer of one of my new short films - now with subtitles.
It is in post-production, have to finalize the editing.

Synopsys: A young reporter is going to a mass Wedding ceremony of the Sect of FMI in the University of Plovdiv. Everything is funny, until he realizes that he is also supposed to be marrried and he has no idea who...

Twenkid Studio

If subtitles don't appear - click on the right down on the youtube window, CC.

2 коментара:

алабала said...

Харесва ми. И това със "сектата" е много хитро.

Хайде,изпрати нещо завършено.

Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov - Twenkid said...


Coming soon... :)