Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Български - по-долу

I am supposed to turn back to Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision, because I need to add some visual magic to the epic movie "The Gift", which is in production now. Not that I will not enjoy going back to Image processing. :) I've just been too busy with other stuff recently.

Below, a short sequence, composed by "Magician" - an experiment I did in 2005.
No blue/green screen, so composition is perfect without artifacts and with smooth noise.
Експеримент от 2005-та. Не е използван зелен екран, а съчетаване на успоредни кадри.

What about the movie?

"The Gift" is supposed to be a stunning film.
A film like no other.
A short film, but not too short - maybe 15+ minutes, maybe 20 minutes. Or maybe more.
Yet unknown.
But long enough to tell an epic story.

Stay tuned if you want to know more.


Вращам се към компютърната графика, обработката на изображения и компютърното зрение... :) Искам да придам малко вълшебство в един от филмите по които работя - "Подарък".

Ще видим какво ще излезе...

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