Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Advanced deepfake fun - faces, TTS voice cloning, lip-syncing and upscale/face repair with deepfake finetuning: Arnold Answers Stoltenberg's Proposal for Bulgaria ...

Advanced deepfake fun: "Arnold answers NATO's Stoltenberg's proposals for Bulgaria", Part IV from the Deepfake series "Arnold Schwarenegger: The Governor of Bulgaria", demonstrating the custom DF library DFL-SAEHDBW for grayscale etc.

  • DFL-SAEHDBW - K.P. etc. to Arnold models
  • Select video, edit "stunt-double" sequences 
  • Original Script, Directing and humor,
  • RealTimeVoiceCloning, actors TTS
  • Wav2Lip lipsync; a modification for higher quality output (images per frame, not DIVX video)
  • Finetune DFL-SAEHDBW for repair and upscaling of the Wav2Lip output (it's original output is low quality with glitches and 96x96, the DFL models are 192x192 and high quality)
  • Merge improved lip-synced sequences
  • Recording an Easter egg cover song according to the script (LOL)
  • Editing, mixing
  • Release

  • Enjoy

  • To be Continued...

    #arnold #deepfake #machinelearning #parody #satire #nato #caricature

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