Monday, June 1, 2015

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Bulgarian Dance Football or Shaolin Football?

Some recorded fun with the ball. A nice and funny sport exercising:

1. Full-body coordination, while keeping the body in balance position
2. Coordination and Timing - trajectory prediction and keeping the right pace and speed
3. Speed
4. Flexibility
5. Endurance

I suggest also tennis, ballet/modern dance and martial arts.

It's a sort of HIIT training, leading to out-of-breath conditions which require a bit of rest etc.

If you do not rest or hit 70-80-90-100 etc. kicks in an immediate sequence you may reach to your highest heart-rate during the practice. That's why the final mistakes in the high-numbered series come also from fatigue, not just carelessness or slight mispredictions/mis-actions/slipping/wrong selection of actions/impossible trajectory/environmental obstacles etc.

It seems hard to keep running with that free style and at that quick pace - including occasional jumps and quick translocations, turns, high speed inter-feet shuffles and knee hits etc. for several hundreds or a thousand of kicks, unless you were some kind of an endurance ahtlete.

For instance my personal best so far is just 162 kicks, achieved back in 2014.

Someone to take the challenge and beat my record? :)

//Like in football ("soccer") all body parts are allowed and count for a kick, except the arms and hands.

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