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New Treatise On Intelligence Coming. Domain Blindess Issues vs Truly General Versatile Intelligence. Comments on Kurzweil's Latest Book. Artistic News - a new Short Film, My Father's Latest Exhibition of Portraits

A commentary on a critique about Kurzweil's latest book:

"...Kurzweil doesn’t know neuroscience as well as he knows artificial intelligence, and doesn’t understand psychology as well as either. (And for that matter he doesn’t know contemporary A.I. as well as the A.I. of his heyday, when he was running his companies thirty years ago.)
To truly reverse-engineer the human mind, we may need a real consilience, to borrow a word from the Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson, a coming together of workers in A.I. with researchers who study the human mind from a wide range of perspectives—neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists, and maybe even artists, musicians, and writers, too. The challenge of figuring out how the mind works is too complicated for even the smartest of entrepreneurs to solve on their own.
Gary Marcus, a professor of psychology at N.Y.U., is the author of “Guitar Zero: The Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age” and “Kluge: The Haphazard Evolution of the Human Mind.” ..."

Read more:

Here I am... I am also "even an artist, musician, writer..." (and a bunch of all kinds of others) + the researcher and technical part, but apparently until I get rich/climb the social rank system or implement practical systems, that has no value in the world occupied by evaluators who are multi-domain and cross-domain blind. Until that time - nobody even notices that you existed.

And the mass audience - it doesn't even realize, that it doesn't applaud most the smartest genii of its time, but the ones which are promoted by the strongest media of the time, especially since it is not qualified enough to judge the work in its technical aspects. (See "Issues with like/dislike voting (...)" in a recent publication, and also an upcoming one.)

The domain blindness is one of many concepts from an upcoming new major treatise (I'll keep the title secret for now), which I've started as an answer to the paper on Musical Beauty and Compression, but it naturally grew in all directions and the methods that I apply need a big enough exposition and integration. It's already many times longer than a conference paper, it might be also a multimedia work, maybe even demos of basic implementations of algorithms, not just a paper. There's also a discussion regarding social biases and confusions about intelligence. "And a lot of stuff."

It would be a sort of "Twenkid's Theory of Mind and Universe" or something, a continuation of my classical period works, the "Teenage Theory of Mind and Universe".

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time slots lately for the paper, been involved with other task. If I find a time-slot, I will also share some notes on the matches from the works from my "Teenage Theory of Mind and Universe" to Hawkins' "On Intelligence".

I thought about sharing a short story about what it's like to do diverse polymath stuff, who may attention explores enormous amount of topics in a short time, maybe next time.


By the way, I had some fun lately producing a new comedy short (micro) film lately, but I've still not published it for free viewing - only in "selected theaters" with excellent reviews from the viewers.

Just to illustrate what a "domain blind" research of intelligence cannot sense, while a "seeing" one senses and understands.

Even in that tiny little movie I've been:

- Writer (it's a tribute, most of the script is borrowed/adapted/selected, but it also has to be selected and adjusted in order to be coherent etc.)
- Director
- Director of Photography and Camera Operator (framing, light selection - as long as the spartan conditions and equipment allowed, you'll see in the movie)
- Author and Performer of the Original Music (it's simple, it probably matches some "standard" one, but it's not intended/I am not aware of, it was improvised on the keyboard) - keyboard, and electric guitar and bass (from a 2012 rock piece of mine)
- Actor in ~6 roles, in non-native language, with 2 different accents and voice-alterations (most are very short, due to the length of the film)
- Juggler (5 beanbags, very low and quick throws)
- Video Editor/Compositor
- Sound Recordist and Editor
- Sound Effects Maker (including with my mouth :) )
- Wardrobe and Property Master
- "Production Designer"
- Author of the Original Video Editing Software - I've designed and developed it myself (you know about it - it requires from me to develop some crucial tools for cinematic magic, and this film again reminded me that I should find time for it).

I may have missed something.

IMHO that's one example of "general intelligence", in combination with other artistic and scientific and technical domains where I am proficient - a versatile, universal intelligence, it includes and implies versatile capabilities to learn and understand and master virtually any possible target domain.

The above is related to another discussion from the upcoming treatise, a new iteration over what general intelligence is  and about nuances regarding "human level intelligence" and its testing. I make a distinction between truly general intelligence and another type which is often confused and is a subset, lexically close and a  part of GI, but much narrower.

Finally, enjoy the latest exhibition of graphical portraits by my father Iliya, he's a really talented artist:

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