Saturday, June 9, 2012

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News: Nimbus DS, High-Quality Audio

  • Lately I've been establishing a partnership with the start-up company "Nimbus DS" - we've just completed the first distributed version of one of their products!
  • I now got a little piece of a high-quality audio-recording equipment  which should wake up the lately sleeping media production of mine, I needed this little beauty in order to start producing the next productions.
  • Have been doing some warm-up for a major update and refactoring of my film production software, which so far I use only in-house, but aim (one day) to make it a product.
  • Other software and other projects as well...
  •  I notice I need a more flexible, multi-information-channel web site to keep and direct the visitors attention better...
  • I'm keeping myself in good physical shape.
  • And many more... :))
I'm not too wordy here lately, will tell/show more later. :)

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