Friday, December 9, 2011

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Embodiment is just coordinate spaces, interactivity and modalities - not a mystery

"The debate" - should an AGI be embodied or not. I participated in a discussion on sensorimotor hierarchies a few months ago in the AGI list, but I'm lazy to digest it here right now (yet). I'll reword one POV of the essence which I thought of recently, though.  "Body" and "embodiment" is actually about:

- Known fixed basic continuous coordinate spaces - that simplifies search and basic operations and sets one of the basic components of the inputs and their initial "labels" - coordinates. The simplest use of this is that mind can recognize where the activity is and relate coordinates of inputs to each other.

- Interactivity - input and output, includes changes of coordinates as smooth as possible in time-space - allows for as general as possible inputs and outputs (actions).

- Modalities - it's about dealing with different types of lowest level (for the system's sensors) input from the environment, with the "physics" - for constructive reasons and more general input. Each system should eventually deal with some kind of lowest level input and output, the more general it is, the more general intelligence would be.

- Inter-modalities - to relate and find models between them.

- Value-free initial inputs - initially sensory inputs and motor outputs don't have meanings, except when related to:

- Basic reward-system - that's in order to keep system's integrity in the "physical" world where it exists and to avoid self-destruction.

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