Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Neuroplasticity and Aging Brain - "On Brain" Blog of Michael Merzenich

Think faster focus better and remember moreRewiring our brain to stay younger...

Some bookmarks/notes:

46 min + -- aging brain, older , noisier ...
46:30 - 47:30 older brain doesn't keep details, relies on abstractions, but the details are what can be remembered.
50:30 - cognitive test, recognize a sound, then a following, aging
20s - 20 times/sec, 80-ies 7 times/sec
6-8 samples syllable --> 2 samples per syllabple //51:00

Dr. Merzenich claims old brain can be "rejuvenated" to some extent and is applying a software system for regular practice. The results from such tests can be improved significantly by practice, e.g. 70-80 year-old can achieve results of people in their 30s.

There are some interesting postings on the early critical period of brain development, aging brain, neuroplasticity, autism and other topics in Dr. Michael Merzenich's blog:

IMHO articles are a bit chatty, but you can filter out useful information.

Some suggested ones from my browse:

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Boris Kazachenko said...

Total crap. You improve what you practice, & he suggest practicing petty nonsense.